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Membership and Terms of Reference


Community Care Fund Task Force
(1 July 2024 to 30 June 2026)

Secretary for Labour and Welfare (Chairperson)

Professor Simon Wong Kit-lung (Vice-chairperson)

Members of the CoP
Mr Calvin Chan Ming-wai
Professor Terence Chong Tai-leung
Ms Helen Hsu Siu-man
Mr Howard Hung Wing-yip
Mr Kan Ming-tung
Mrs Patricia Lau
Mr James Li Tsz-shu
Ms Nikki Ng Mien-hua
Dr Loletta So Kit-ying
Mr So Ping-fai
Mrs Mary Suen Choi To-may
Mr Augustine Wong Ho-ming
Ms Jessie Yu Sau-chu

Co-opted Members
Dr Spencer Chan Chiu-yee
Miss Grace Chan Man-yee
Mrs Viola Chan Man Yee-wai
Mr Kenny Chiu Man-kin
Professor Amy Chow Yin-man
Ms Ip Shun-hing
Ms Janet Lee Ching-yee
Ms Anthea Lee Shuk-wai
Ms Joyce Lee Yuen-sum
Mr Ricky Leung Wai-kay
Ms Lu Hai
Mr Franky Poon Kai-cheung
Dr Simon Tang Yiu-hang
Ms Tsui Hei-lai
Ms Alice Yan Kin-foon


Ex-officio Members
Permanent Secretary for Education (or representative)
Permanent Secretary for Health (or representative)
Permanent Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs (or representative)
Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare (or representative)
Director of Home Affairs (or representative)
Director of Social Welfare (or representative)


Terms of Reference

  1. Advise the Commission on Poverty (CoP) on the Community Care Fund’s various strategies and arrangements (including investment, finance and administrative operations), as well as the formulation of assistance programmes(including target beneficiaries, assistance amounts, handling of cross-sectoral issues and setting priorities);

  2. Co-ordinate and oversee the implementation of assistance programmes and review their effectiveness, as well as advising the CoP on the incorporation of programmes into the Government’s regular assistance programme and service;

  3. Maintain close liaison with and provide mutual support to other Task Forces under the CoP, and report to the CoP on its workplans and progress as and when appropriate; and

  4. Collaborate with the CoP and its other Task Forces to report the work progress of the CoP and engage the public and various sectors in the community to take forward poverty alleviation work.


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