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Radio Programme Series


The Commission on Poverty (CoP) has commissioned a radio programme series, which will be broadcast on Commercial Radio Channel 1 (FM 88.1) from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on eight consecutive Wednesday nights, starting from 13 July.

The Chief Secretary for Administration, ex-officio and non-official members of the CoP, representatives from non-governmental organisations, beneficiaries and more will share their views in the radio programme on issues of concerns, including poverty alleviation, elderly care, support for the disadvantaged and upward mobility of youths. The programme will help enhance public understanding on how the CoP collaborates with different parties to care for people in need in our society.

Video highlights of recording (Cantonese only):

Episode 8 (2): Behind Poverty Alleviation

Episode 8 (1): Epilogue

Episode 7: Community Care Fund and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund

Episode 6: Social Inclusion

Episode 5: Let Our Youth Thrive

Episode 4: Self-reliance

Episode 3: Active Ageing

Episode 2: Elderly Care

Episode 1: Poverty Alleviation Vision and Strategy

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