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Welcome Message

The current-term Government adopts the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation by directing resources to those most in need.

Since its re-establishment in December 2012, the Commission on Poverty (CoP) has spared no effort in collecting views from the public, building consensus among different quarters of our society, offering suggestions and advice on promotion of poverty alleviation, and actively participate in formulating and taking forward a wide range of measures to help many groups in need. The CoP and its Task Forces have also been propelling forward the work of the Community Care Fund and social innovations.

The Chief Executive announced in the 2022 Policy Address to restructure the CoP to study and identify any other target group for targeted poverty alleviation. The Government will work closely with the new term CoP Members to implement the policy direction of targeted poverty alleviation.

The Government and CoP welcome your views to ensure our policies and measures meet the needs of target groups.